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Triphala Herbal Benefits

Written By Admin on Thursday, November 20, 2014 | 9:56 AM

Triphala is very helpful for Colon Cleansing, Internal Cleanser, Natural Laxative, Natural herb for Constipation and Bowel Cleansing.

Colon Cleansing
A healthy colon is necessary to good health, which makes colon cleansing, parasite cleansing, and detoxing a must. All we eat ends up in our bowels as toxins. As these toxins build up, we end up with different diseases, such as being overweight, constipation and candida.

Natural Laxative
A person who has no more than three bowel movements per week is usually measured to be constipated, a situation that limits bowel movements and causes the stool to be small and hard. To fight constipation, a lot of sufferers prefer to use natural laxatives rather than harsh over-the-counter medications. The most well-liked natural laxatives are foods rich in fiber. Fiber is found in fruits, vegetables, and grains.

Constipation refers to rare or hard stools, or complexity passing stools. Constipation may involve pain for the period of the passage of a bowel movement, inability to pass a bowel movement later than straining or pushing for more than 10 minutes, or no bowel movements later than more than 3 days. Infants who are still completely breastfed may go 7 days without a stool.

Bowel Cleansing
There are a lot of reasons why people decide to subject themselves to something called Bowel Cleanse. At the side of being a way of rapid evacuation of feces (a great therapy for acute health problems similar to high fever, constipaton, flu ), unlike forms of cleansing (like enema) can also help bring remedies directly to the bowel, like in case of using fecal flora substitute or other therapeutic enema.
Benefits of Triphala
Digestive System
* Acidity – Triphala has been set up extremely effective in treating acidity, hyperacidity or acid reflux. Due to its powerful neutralizing action it aids in the normal creation of gastric acid that does not damage the stomach lining and does not cause acidity.

* Loss of appetite – Triphala is an herbal formulation that is extremely effective in normalizing the digestion that is useful in maintaining the usual amount of hunger desires in the body. It helps in promoting the reduceded appetite.

* Abdominal pain – Triphala is extremely effective in releasing the spasm that is the pain cause for incidence of pain in the abdomen.

* Constipation – Triphala possess sure properties that makes it a mild laxative thereby it is tremendously beneficial in treating the constipation.

* Irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) – it is a ordinary diseases world wide that makes a person very motivated due to irregularity of the bowel. Triphala is measured the most excellent remedy in treating such types of abnormalities.

* Digestive disturbances – Triphala is one of the potent herbal formulations that helps in regularizing the digestive tract and also helps in maintaining the usual peristaltic actions.

* Liver problems – Triphala is extremely useful in treating all types of liver disorders and also promotes the secretion of liver that helps in aiding the correct digestion.

Reproductive system
* Male reproductive system – Triphala is extremely beneficial in treating the various diseases of male reproductive system. It is helpful in increasing the energies of the body and also augments the endurance. It helps in increases the sperm count and enhances the quality of the sperms. There for it is considered as a good aphrodisiac agent.

* Female reproductive system – Triphala is extremely beneficial in treating female reproductive tract abnormalities. Diseases like dysmenorrhea, amenorrhea, irregular menses, leucorrhea, vaginal dryness, excess bleeding etc are some of the common problems that have been successfully treated by normal use of Triphala.

Urinary system
* Urinary tract infection – as mentioned earlier also Triphala is very helpful in curbing any kind of infection that is affecting the urinary tract hence it is extremely helpful treating any kind of urinary tract infection (UTI).
* Dysurea – Dysurea is a condition in which the urination is painful. Triphala is helpful in maintaining the normalcy in urination eases the urine flow out side the body.
* Renal stones – well good prognosis has been seen in this regards but some other herbs like pashanbhed etc are also employed to treat the cause.By 

Natural Remedies for Mouth Ulcers

Written By Admin on Sunday, November 16, 2014 | 11:32 AM

Mouth ulcers are a common condition and the underlying cause for then is found in the lymphatic system. One of the triggers for the condition is taking in chemicals from the environment - for example, fluoride in toothpaste or excessive sugar in the diet. In ulcers of any sort there tends to be a deficiency of zinc. Vitamin A levels also need to be adequate to ensure healthy and resilient membrane tissues.
Mouth ulcers are an indication of a run down condition and are best treated by improving the overall general health. They commonly occur after a course of antibiotics or recovering from influenza. Orthodox medicine puts them down to viruses - but I doubt this. They almost certainly are a form of allergy or sensitivity.
What you can do to treat mouth ulcers
  • The following herbs will be of assistance: o basil o chamomile o echinacea o elder flowers o lady's mantle o marigold o red sage o tea tree o myrrh For example, make an infusion of chamomile and drink one cup three times per day. When the mouth is sore it is better to drink the infusion cool rather than hot. The herb red sage can also be made into a mouth wash to gargle.
  • Take a multivitamin and mineral supplement to assist in the healing and recovery processes. The multivitamin and mineral complex contains needed zinc, vitamin A, C and B complex.
  • Deal with any underlying allergies
  • Eat a diet that is supportive of the lymphatic system - this means that you need to avoid the following: o red meats, o greasy fatty foods and fried foods, o dairy products including: cheese, butter, cream, milk and goats milk and cheese o vinegar and pickles, o alcohol, o sugar and sugar based products, o artificial additives, preservatives, colorings and flavorings, o coffee and similar beverages.
  • Fresh vegetables and fruit should provide the basis of the diet when attempting to cleanse the lymphatic system. White meat and fish can also be consumed if desired.
  • Drink plenty of pure water.
  • Remove as many environmental toxins as you are able.
  • If you smoke you need to quit. can support and assist as you go through the process of quitting.
  • Use a safe approach to colon and body tissue cleansing. Information from will enable you to do this effectively. The diet recommended above will also remove many of the foods that are often behind food allergies - wheat, dairy products and sugar.
Case Study of Mouth Ulcers
Dianne, a 21 years old nurse, had tried the usual medications applied locally to her mouth ulcers. The medications were ineffective. When she visited she also had a sore tongue and inner lips. As well as the ulcers she also had extreme tiredness. She had ten months of treatment, not for her mouth ulcers alone but to balance her biochemistry and to build up her general health.
Dianne's treatment consisted of:
  • a general multivitamin and mineral supplement with additional: o B group vitamins, o vitamin C with bioflavonoids, o zinc, o calcium and o magnesium.
  • herbs for liver and lymphatic cleansing and stimulation: o violet leaves, o echinacea, o burdock, o dandelion root, o wahoo and o hops.
  • herbs for the ulcers - red sage. This was also made into a mouth wash for gargling. Dianne also made major improvements to her diet.
Her mouth ulcers cleared quickly and over the time of treatment the mouth ulcers did not return. Dianne also reported a major increase in her energy levels and generally in her feeling of 'wellness'.
Mouth ulcers are an indication of other underlying conditions - in particular problems in the lymphatic system. Vitamin and mineral supplements and herbal cleansers will help they lymphatic system. The mouth ulcers themselves can be treated with herbs such as chamomile, echinacea and red sage. In addition to this the overall health of the person needs to be considered. The system needs to be cleansed so that it is able to function effectively. One of the best approaches is to cleanse the colon and the tissues of the body

Tomatoes for Healthy Life

Written By Admin on Thursday, November 13, 2014 | 7:28 AM

Tomato is a deep red pulpy fruit which comes from the Lycopersicon esculentum plant. According to botanical classification, it belongs to the Solanaceae family. Botanically, tomato is considered to be an edible fruit but when it comes to the cooking practices it is largely considered a vegetable. This fruit originated in South America and has spread all over the world. At present there are at least 7500 different varieties of tomatoes known to us. This fruit is liked because of its tangy taste and is used to prepare a wide range of dishes like jam, sauce, pickles, juice, curries etc.
Nutritional Benefits of Tomatoes
  • Tomatoes provide a lower amount of calories and fats and at the same time they are rich in fiber, vitamins and minerals. An intake of this fruit is recommended to people who are obese and those suffering from higher levels of cholesterol.

  • It is a rich source of phyto-nutrients named lycopene and beta-carotene. The cell walls of tomato contain Lycopene which acts as an antioxidant protecting the cells and its structures from oxygen free radicals. According to the studies performed by Dr. Edward Giovannucci, Harvard School of Public Health, Cambridge, Massachusetts, this nutrient lycopene, protects us from many kinds of cancers like the prostate cancer.

  • Lycopene prevents heart diseases.

  • Lycopene is associated with the prevention of age-related macular degeneration

  • Cooking practices like heating or frying it in a little bit oil, does not spoil the nutritional value of tomato. Lycopene is fat soluble hence cooking in a little bit of oil, releases this nutrient from the cell walls of tomatoes to a greater extent.

  • Intake of tomatoes helps to maintain the Sodium/potassium balance as they provide a lower concentration of sodium and at the same time are richer in potassium. This in turn regulates the blood pressure and allows the cell to function normally.

  • Tomatoes are richer in two vital vitamins which are Vitamin A and C. Hence they are good for eyes and maintenance of mucus membrane of the skin. They help in developing resistance against infectious agents.

  • It helps in curing the blisters and ulcers of mouth.
These are some of the innumerable health benefits associated with intake of tomatoes. Many nutritional facts are still being researched. It is good to include this vegetable in our daily diet. As cooking practices do not spoil the nutritional value of this fruit it can be preserved in many ways to get the taste of tomatoes all the year-round. Some preservation methods have been described below.
Preservation of Tomatoes
Tomatoes can be preserved in various ways so that the flavor, taste and nutritional value are retained. The preservation techniques help us to get the tangy taste of tomatoes even when the price of tomatoes reaches the sky. Various home based methods which increase the shelf life of tomatoes have been discussed below.
The techniques discussed below depend on the kind of tomatoes chosen. Red tomatoes which have a very high content of vitamins have to be plucked from the garden during sunrise. During this time the fruits are still cool as the temperatures are low during the past night. Care should be taken to discard those tomatoes which have any kind of black spots. The tomatoes should be properly cleaned with water and should be kept away from prolonged exposure to sunlight before the preparation as this would spoil the tomatoes.
Preparation of Peeled Tomato Preserves
These peeled tomatoes can be used to prepare sauce all the year-round. To prepare this, the tomatoes are gently dipped into hot boiling water for 30 seconds. Soon after this the tomatoes are removed from the cooking pot with the help of a sieve and plunged immediately into cold water for few minutes. This helps to loosen the skin of tomatoes. After this the skin of tomatoes is completely peeled. Clean and dried jars are used to store the peeled tomatoes. Tomatoes are allowed to fit snugly against each other by tapping the bottom of the jar. Lemon juice without the pips is extracted and added to the jars. The amount of lemon juice to be added comes to one coffee-spoonful per half-liter of the jar. The jar is filled up with some amount of hot tomato pulp. The jars are then tightly screwed and allowed for sterilization in hot boiling water for a span of 45 minutes. These jars are allowed to cool and then cleaned and dried. These jars can be stored in a cool dry place and should be consumed within a span of one year.
Preparation of Tomato Pulp
Good tomatoes are chosen and cut into two halves to check for rotten tomatoes. An extractor is used to separate pulp from the seeds and the skin of the tomatoes. As an alternative to an extractor the tomatoes can also be cut into very small pieces and squashed. The seeds and the skin can also be separated with the help of a sieve. These steps can be repeated several times to maximize the yield. The extracted pulp is subjected to pre-heating at low temperature. This pulp is then filled into the jars along with a spoonful of lemon juice. These jars have to be sterilized for a span of 45 minutes.
Preparation of Dried Tomatoes
The tomatoes are cut lengthwise into two halves. The seeds are to be carefully removed using hands or spoons. These pips or seeds can be later sun-dried and used to grow the next crop of tomato plants. After this the tomatoes are further cut into small and uniform sizes measuring approximately one centimeter in thickness. These tomato pieces are sun-dried. This technique preserves the tomatoes for a span of three months.
To preserve the tomatoes for more than three months further processing is involved. Water containing a spoonful of salt and preservatives like citric acid powder is boiled. Addition of salt and preservatives prevents the tomatoes from getting blackened during the drying process.
The small pieces of tomatoes and their slices are subjected to the process of blanching. In order to blanch tomatoes, they are put into a clean cloth or a basket and plunged into the above mentioned boiling water for three minutes. Blanching is a preservation technique wherein vegetables are boiled before drying to kill the enzymes which spoil the food. After blanching tomato pieces are drained and then sun-dried with the help of dryers for at least two and a half days. The dried tomatoes are later gathered and cooled for half an hour in a shady place so that they do not release moisture while packing. These tomatoes are then packed into a polythene bags which are later kept into cardboard boxes containing straw. This protects the tomatoes from dampness and preserves them for one year.
Some other ways by which tomatoes can be preserved are by making puree, sauce, jam or pickle.
This deep red fruit not only activates your taste buds but it also encompasses some very wonderful nutritional and medicinal properties. It is a boon for those who want to reduce weight as it can be taken as salad during any time of the day. This fruit has the power to fight against many diseases and at the same time does not lose its nutritional significance upon cooking. With so many advantages associated with this fruit should we not make this a part of our daily diet?

10 Important Nutrients That Are Beneficial for Your Eyes

Written By Admin on Monday, November 10, 2014 | 10:50 AM

It's easy to take eyesight for granted. We've been seeing the world our entire lives and if we have any troubles, optometrists are just an appointment away.
But it's when we experience trouble that we really begin to value our vision. Eyesight is one of our most important senses -- not having it can really affect your life. So it's important to take care of your eyes by nourishing them with what they need most.
Like any part of the body, the eyes need certain nutrients to operate. The most important are two carotenoids (which are organic pigments) called lutein and zeaxanthin. Both are very similar -- they are chemically the same but differ in structure and are very important to the eye.
How are they important? They help protect the eye from UV damage by absorbing harmful UV radiation. Lutein is present primarily in the retina which is the lining along the back wall of the eye. Zeaxanthin is primarily present in the macula which is at the bottom center of the eye. The macula is responsible for central vision and is one of the most important parts of the eye.
Lutein and zeaxanthin are important to have in your diet. Since the body doesn't synthesize either of these carotenois on its own, it's very important to obtain these foods in your diet. Dark, leafy foods like kale, spinach, and broccoli are rich in lutein and zeaxanthin. It is also present in eggs (in case vegetables aren't attractive to your taste buds).
Studies show that lutein and zeaxanthin can reduce the incidence of age-related macular degeneration (AMD) by more than 20%. Ideally, you should get 10 mg of lutein and 2 mg of zeaxanthin on a daily basis, but since these are natural-occurring nutrients, taking plenty of these carotenoids can only benefit your eyes and overall health.
In addition to lutein and zeaxanthin, you should also consider these nutrients to further boost your visual health:
  • Billberry extract
  • Molybdenum
  • Beta-carotene
  • Glucosamine
  • N-Acetyl Cysteine
  • Vitamins B2 and B12
  • L-Carnosine
  • Omega-3 fish oil
All of these ingredients are highly beneficial towards fostering better eye health. They are also all natural nutrients--not synthesized formulas that prescription drugs utilize. Having a diet rich in these key nutrients is a powerful strategy toward making great strides in improving eye health.
The good news is, with exception to fish oil, you can find all of these natural nutrients (including lutein and zeaxanthin) in a good daily multivitamin. In combination with a healthy diet, you should not only see better, you should feel better overall.
It's always a good idea to do your research when choosing a multi-vitamin. It might look confusing at first, but understanding what ingredients, their quantity, and their source can go a long way in determining which supplement you ultimately choose. The differences might seem trivial at first but they can make a big difference in the way you feel and function. Keep these things in mind -- you will find that a little time and effort upfront can be well worth the investment.

Natural Home Remedies for Eczema

Written By Admin on Sunday, November 9, 2014 | 8:16 AM

Symptoms and Causes:
One of the most common of all skin diseases, eczema consists of an inflammation of the skin of a catarrhal character. It is attended with papules, vesicles or pustules, attended with more or less discharges, and with itching and other symptoms or irritation. It s in fact a symptoms denoting the reaction of the skin to various forms of irritation. It is generally found in persons of morbid constitution where the excretions of the bowels of kidneys are defective.
Eczema in its acute form shows itself by redness and swelling of the skin, the formation of minute vesicles and severe heat and irritation. If the vesicles rupture, a raw, moist surface is formed, from which a colourless discharge oozes, which forms skin crusts when it accumulates. Such attacks may occur as a result of digestive derangements, or in persons of rheumatic or gouty tendency and they tend to appear at certain seasons, such as springtime.
Eczema may be dry, weeping or rub rum where it affects only the leg. Administration of drugs has only a palliative or temporary effect. Homoepaths believe that the suppression of eczema may produce symptoms of more serious diseases since; according to them it is the result of psoric poisons. The real cause is the failure of the human system to excrete the poisons from the various orifices of the body. Water matter is excreted from the rectum, through the stools, from the bladder through the urine, from the breath through the lungs and from the pores of the skin. The condition of the skin is very good pointer to the state of the health. Father kneipp used to diagnose a disease by examining the skin of the patient. Sometimes the pores of the skin of the patient. Sometimes the pores of the skin are over-worked since the person does not expel the waste matter properly from the other orifices. That is why the perspiration of some persons is rancid: it may even smell of urine in some cases.
If the orifices given by nature to expel the waste matter from the body perform efficiently, that is, if the bowels are clean, water is taken in sufficient quantities, the urine is clear, the lungs are able to breathe clean, fresh air, the skin will remain healthy. If the pores of the skin are not given the chance to perform their given duty, the sweat is full or morbid humours which give rise to the various skin diseases, like eczema, acne, boils, and other eruptions and itch. Trying to cure eczema by skin applications is like cutting the leaves and branches of the tree in an effort to annihilate it. The relief, if any, is temporary. If the exudation is suppressed, it may be a prelude to some other more serious disease.
The best way to deal with eczema is to cleanse the blood and the body. The sufferer should get as much or fresh air as possible. Dwellers of airless streets in a city slum should migrate to the open spaces of the villages and let fresh air resuscitate their system. Restrictive clothing should be given up.
Two to three litres of the water should be taken daily and the patient must bathe twice to thrice in the day. The skin should be vigorously rubbed with the palms of the hands before taking a bath. All the parts of the body should be thoroughly wetted and rubbed to such and extent that the towel is not needed to dry the skin. The site of eczema should, of course, be spread the rubbing.
If you can bathe in a lake or a river, do it by all means, but do not dry yourself with a towel. Lie on the sand or take a walk so that the water dries in the sun. Take another bath; alternate your bath with the sunbath. If this is done ate least twice in a week, if will help. The size of eczema should be covered with coconut oil. It will help the skin to stay soft.
An eczema patient must take an enema if a diet of fruit and fresh vegetables does not help relieve his constipation. Walking or jogging should be resorted to in order to activate the bowels. He must walk at the rate of six kilometers per hour for at least two hours in the day.
Our blood is alkaline and so are fruits and green vegetables. They balance with our blood and should be consumed in adequate quantities. Salt, cereals, sugar, fats and boiled milk add to acidity and should be avoided in so far as possible. Onions, garlic, radish should be avoided.
The treatment should start with one week of fruits and vegetables. Salt-free boiled vegetables with whole meal flour is recommended after one week's fruit fast. Coconut oil may be used instead of ghee. After some time curd and milk could be added to the diet.
Carrot and musk melon is particularly beneficial in cases of eczema. The should be taken three to four times daily reducing the intake later on and adding milk and curds. Muskmelon should be washed down with cow's milk. The combination of muskmelon and milk is not harmful as it is commonly supposed.
Sunlight in addition to being the life-giver is also a nature's scavenger: it kills all the harmful bacteria. Sunbathing should be done early in the morning, in the first light of dawn. Stand or sit in the sun till you perspire: if it is too hot, cover your head with a wet towel. After you have perspired, take a cold bath.
A light mudpack applied over the site of the eczema is also helpful in dealing with it. The pack should be allowed to remain for one hour at a time; it could be repeated twice or thrice in the day. A mudpack over the whole body dried in the sun and later washed with cold water could be doubly helpful.
Chronic Cases:
In chronic and more difficult cases of eczema the patient should be advised to fast at least one day in the week till he is cured. One week's fasting could cut down the recovery time considerably. Prolonged fasting must, however, be undertaken under the guidance and supervision of a specialist in nature cure since it may raise certain problems difficult for a layman to deal with.
Eczema as a by-product of dyspepsia, gout or diabetes could be curd only after those diseases have been successfully treated. Children suffering from eczema as a result of in sanitary bottle feeds can get relief if kept on fruit juices or water with a teaspoon of honey added.

Natural Treatment for Sphincter of Oddi Dysfunction

Written By Admin on Thursday, November 6, 2014 | 6:20 AM

The Sphincter of Oddi is a central gate to many liver, gallbladder and pancreas problems. Many scientists believe that the Sphincter of Oddi Dysfunction (SOD) is a culprit of the pancreas diseases and it is the common source of chronic pain after gallbladder removal.
Around the common bile duct, pancreatic duct and the duodenum wall there is a muscle valve called the Sphincter of Oddi. The Sphincter of Oddi, named after Ruggero Oddi, an Italian anatomist who discovered this structure in 1887. The Sphincter of Oddi controls moving of the bile from the liver, and gallbladder and pancreatic juice from the pancreas into the duodenum.
Normally, when semi digestive food moves from the stomach into the duodenum sphincter of Oddi opens. Large amount of the gallbladder bile and alkaline pancreatic juice is released to digest this food. When no food in the duodenum, sphincter of Oddi is closed so the bile from the liver is collected in the gallbladder.
Regulation of this complicated work is under control of nervous system and special blood messengers - digestive hormones. Stress, fasting, "harsh" liver cleansing, gallbladder removal, bad eating habits, alcohol, some medications, and recreation drugs badly influence in proper regulation and work of the sphincter of Oddi.
Spasm or blockage of this muscle valve may cause pancreatic juice goes backward, thereby increasing the pressure inside the pancreatic duct. Digestive enzymes shut inside the pancreas, begin to digest their own pancreas, initiate inflammation, pain, and finally the death of pancreatic tissue. Thus, chronic pancreatitis is developed.
Tumor, gallbladder stone, or scaring can make an anatomical blockage of the sphincter of Oddi. It happens relatively rare. However, more often can be functional, temporal spasms of the sphincter of Oddi without any abnormality in the tests. The common reason for sphincter to be spasmodic is irritation of it by the "aggressive" bile and pancreatic juice.
What could make bile and pancreatic juice "aggressive", corroded, and irritated? Let's explain that.
The liver's most important functions are producing and releasing bile and removing the toxins from our body by dividing them into water-soluble and fat-soluble wastes.
Water-soluble wastes move into the blood and the kidneys eliminate them from the body.
Bile serves to eliminate a variety of the toxic, fat-soluble wastes substances from the body. These substances include cholesterol, bile pigments, toxic chemicals, drugs, heavy metals, etc.
Hepatitis, fatty liver, Candida-yeast overgrowth, parasites, congestion, inflammation, infection of the gallbladder, high body's acidity, poor eating habits, alcohol can cause the bile to be thick and acidic, therefore make it difficult for it to move through the ducts.
When the bile and pancreatic juice are getting acidic, they also become very "aggressive", irritated, and corroded for the ducts, sphincter of Oddi, and small intestine causing jerky movement; "wrong way traffic" - bile/pancreatic juice refluxes in the stomach, ulcers and even cancers.
No surprise, it causes loss of appetite, nausea, gas, bloating, heartburn, attacks of pain, especially after "bad" foods or bad food combination. Pain can be last for 30 minutes to several hours and even bring person to ER.
Therefore, the goal of treatment has to be focus on root of the problems such as biochemical, acidic changes in the bile and pancreatic juice. In the normal situation, the bile and pancreatic juice are very alkaline fluids. However, if whole body is getting acidic, the bile and pancreatic juice also became acidic and "aggressive".
Checking saliva and urine pH with litmus paper at home may show acidic condition of the body especially if saliva and urine pH repeatedly less than 6.6.
What can naturally normalize the alkaline condition of the bile and pancreatic juice?
Only minerals and bicarbonate from food and water can naturally neutralize the whole body acidity.
For this purposes, European doctors have used healing mineral water for a long time. Treatment with healing mineral water (balneology) is a part of education in some European medical schools. There are many healing mineral spas all over the Europe.
Most famous and researched mineral water is water from hot spring in the small Czech town Karlovy Vary. Karlovy Vary healing mineral water attracted millions visitors all over the globe. It was distributed by barrels and bottles many years ego. Demand of this water was so high hence, the mineral salt had manufactured there by vaporizing the spring water in 1764. It was a good option for people, which cannot visit Karlovy Vary or wanted ongoing the healing course at home.
Dissolving this salt in the water produces mineral water with the same healing value.
Karlovy Vary healing mineral water has been object for serious medical study for hundreds of the years. First medical book about that water have a laxative effect was dated by 1522. Later, a large number of medical papers confirmed the healing action of this water in many digestive disorders.
European doctors showed that drinking mineral water makes bile and pancreatic juice less acidic, liquid, and less "aggressive". It naturally improves digestion, alleviates the pains and cramps, and lessens gas and heartburn.
This water may dissolve the gallbladder stones and expel them; it also is very beneficial for persons with sphincter of Oddi dysfunction, chronic pancreatitis, and hepatitis.
What else can make the bile and pancreatic juice less irritated for the sphincter of Oddi?
Herbal medicine is the oldest way to eliminate digestive problems. Chinese medicine, Hindu system - Ayurveda, European herbology offer many healing herbs for digestive disorders. Some of them increase amount of the bile, promote its easy elimination, decrease spasms and pain. The simple example is peppermint tea. Knowledgeable medical practitioner can customize the herbal remedies for any digestive problems.
No question, food is the important, safe and cheep medicine for sphincter of Oddi dysfunction.
Food needs to be alkaline and full of the natural digestive enzymes. Some vegetable blends or juices are good for these purposes. Warm vegetable soups are also helpful for many digestive problems. Some persons with sphincter of Oddi dysfunction suffer from Candida-yeast overgrowth, food sensitivity, and allergy. Appropriate diet changes are necessary to correct these conditions.
Stress can lead to spasm of the sphincter of Oddi as well. Worsening sphincter of Oddi dysfunction after mental or physical stress can be seen very often. Consulting, relaxation, meditation, medical hypnosis, listening the custom hypnoses CD at home, acupuncture, massage are some natural ways to alleviate the stress.
It would be wise to stop drinking alcohol temporary for a few months to improve condition because the alcohol interrupts the normal function of this muscle valve. Upper abdominal pain after alcohol consumption is typical for sphincter of Oddi dysfunction.
Unfortunately, there is not simple and safe test for diagnose early stage of the SOD now. Therefore, any kind of pain in the upper stomach area after heavy meals can be the alarm bell of the sphincter of Oddi dysfunction.
By author's opinion, strategic position of the sphincter of Oddi involves it in many digestive diseases and disorders. On the other hand, sphincter of Oddi dysfunction by itself leads to many digestive symptoms.
Natural treatment of the early stage can avoid serious problem in the future and improve the quality of life.
It is important to work with a knowledgeable, licensed medical professional.
The information on this article is presented for educational, informational purposes only. It is not intended as a substitute for the diagnosis, treatment, and advice of a qualified licensed professional.

20 Simple Ways to Beat Fatigue this Winter

Written By Admin on Wednesday, November 5, 2014 | 10:35 AM

AS Autumn with it's breathless colours of flames and golds comes to an end, we await the arrival of Winter and it's own definitive beauty.
Yes, there is no point kidding ourselves, it will be pretty damp and, at times, downright. It will be cold and chilly and for some the task of dragging ourselves out of bed in the dark mornings will get more and more difficult. The glare of oncoming headlamps will play havoc with your eyes as you head homeward bound during the dark evenings in manic traffic. And as you reluctantly adjust to the shorter days and lack of natural daylight and sunlight, you are also faced with the fact that Christmas, and it's inevitable rush, is heading this way, as it always does, at full speed!
All the ingredients to ensure a good dose of winter fatigue I'm sure you'll agree - but help is at hand! It doesn't have to be unbearable. If you are feeling a little lack lustre, yawning at a ferocious rate and basically have just about enough energy in the evenings to slump down on the sofa in front of the box, you'll be tickled pink you opened this page! You can bring back that 'joie de vivre' and add a little peppering of genuine verve back into your life by trying some (or indeed all) of these 20 simple ways to boost your energy levels this winter!
1) SLEEP - Get as much sleep as you need to and remember your body really needs it at this time of year.
2) VITAMINS - Supplements such as Vitamins A, B and E are all important for well-being. If you want to avoid supplements, however, you can ensure that you eat the necessary foods containing these essentials. Try using 1 teaspoon of Brewers Yeast in a glass of milk or water, it's full of Vitamin B and good for digestion too.
3) LAUGHTER - Bring on the laughter and smiles, it's the most natural way to help depression, anxiety and, believe it or not, it lowers blood pressure too!

4) STRETCH - One really effective way to beat fatigue is to try a Yoga pose known as the 'Standing Stretch'. Stand in the correct posture, that is, with your toes pointed out in front of you, your knees relaxed and your feet at hip distance. Ensure the weight is balanced evenly between the ball and the heel of your foot. Interlace your thumbs and stretch your hands up above your head while keeping your arms against your ears - and stretch upwards from the lumbar area of your lower back. Keeping your breath even throughout, now slowly release the arms down in front of you. Tuck your chin into your chestbone and gently lower yourself down, vertebrae by vertebrae keeping arms hanging loosely and then just hang from the waist. This position encourages the blood flow to the head and is a real winner when you need to energise yourself. After one minute slowly bring yourself back up into a standing position, imagining as you do so that each vertebrae is stacking itself upon the next until you are eventually upright and repeat three times.
5) DIET - Check your Diet and be sure over the winter months to include at least five portions of fruit and vegetables everyday.
6) AROMATHERAPY - Use pure Essential Oils as often as you need them. Burning Peppermint or Rosemary oils is excellent for alertness and both also aid concentration. As these oils are energising oils it is best not to use them in the evening if you are planning to have a good nights sleep.
7) THE MAGIC OF WATER - Don't forget the recommended amount is approximately two litres per day.
8) AVOID toxic people because, quiet simply, they can completely drain you of energy.
9) EXERCISE - Get plenty of exercise - There's no escaping it. The health gurus recommend that we all need to include at least 15 minutes exercise, three or four times a week.
10) LEARN TO SAY 'NO' more often. As the old saying goes 'those that matter won't mind and those that mind don't matter'. You'll be amazed at how much energy you can recoup and even more amazed to discover that if you say 'no' the world will keep on turning.
11) COMBAT PARTY NIGHTS - If you've had a late night on the Town try drinking at least two glasses of water before crawling up to bed, it will make the following day far more bearable.
12) BREAKFAST - We've known from a very early age that we should never miss Breakfast. No matter how tight you are for time try not to skip it. For a quick energy-inducing breakfast grab a mug of hot water with honey and lemon and a quick bowl of cereal, ideally with fibre.
13) REDUCE your intake of Caffeine. While it may give a quick boost, a lot of caffeine daily actually ends up having a negative effect on your energy level. You might even try substituting a couple of cups a day with a herbal tea, such as sage to raise spirits, peppermint to aid digestion or chamomile to enable you to unwind.
14) LEARN - Meditation and Relaxation techniques - they'll be invaluable not just today but for life.
15) MOTHER NATURE - Get out there and make the most of the short daylight hours. Overdose on fresh air. There is nothing more revitalizing than taking the time, even if it's only 15 minutes a day, to soak in our beautiful scenery and breathe in the fabulous scents of the season.
16) MASSAGE - It's a wonderful way of keeping the immune system in ship shape order and the body supple and healthy. So go on invest in your health and schedule a massage once a month for optimum results.
17) DIGESTION - Be kind to your digestive system. Eat slowly and avoid late night eating as much as possible.
18) STRESS - Manage your stress levels and become aware of your react to stress. Remember stress is infectious!
19) MANAGE TIME EFFECTIVELY - Avoid using up your lovely energy by rushing to every appointment. Aim to leave about fifteen minutes earlier, not only will you arrive in plenty of time - you'll be completely unfrazzled.
20) CONCIOUS BREATHING - Believe it or not most of us don't breathe properly. With the speed of modern day life most adults are chest breathers which means the breath doesn't make it right down into the abdomen. Become conscious of your breath each day by taking a little time to become aware of your breathing habits. The following short exercise will benefit you in many ways as well as helping to re-energise your mind, body and soul...Firstly r-e-l-a-x your entire body by taking a deep breath into your stomach. As you slowly release it imagine it traveling up along your spine, relaxing all the muscles as you go and bringing attention to the shoulders by consciously dropping them into a relaxed position. Follow your breath and think about bringing the breath down into the bottom of the lungs and really feel the tummy rising and then exhale fully and slowly. After just a few minutes resume your regular activities and feel the difference.